Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Definition of a Blog or Weblog:

A blog is a web-blog or, in other words, an online record or journal place that is open for the public to view & comment on it. Blogs are also familiar with websites; it's only difference between blog & website is that blog can be made by anyone free on the world of Web. It's a public space online where the visitors posts their writings of any kind which are listed in backwards-chronological, story, news, coming products etc. There are millions of blogs to date and new ones are created everyday on World Wide Web (WWW) path, visitors mostly using some kind of blog format service like Blogger or Typepad, wordpress, freewebs. They can wrtie about politics, health, entertainment, personal lives or any topic that happening on earth. In these days, the most visitors or authors are speak out; "THIS IS A MONEY MAKING PLACE". Yes It's really genuine things where anyone can make their personal blog within in few minutes . . . . . on the Internet. . . .

An example of a free blogging service is:


By Amandeep Mann

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Natalie said...

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